Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skating Lessons are Official

Today was a day filled with good food, family and fun. Jace and I had a date planned with Nanny (my paternal grandmother) for lunch and whatever else we wanted to do. On days like this I realize how truly blessed I am to have both my grandmothers in my life. They are both active, lively, fun ladies who are also good friends. Anyway, lunch at Johnny Carino's was fabulous, then we went to sign Jace up for his lessons and decided to hit up Barnes & Noble after we were finished...I could spend HOURS in there! Nanny and I are a bad combination in that store, for sure. We are both book lovers and especially children's book lovers (which is the section we were seeking today). She found some wintery classics, a snowman and a Charlie Brown Christmas wooden puzzle (to keep at her house for Jace's visits) so I would say that the trip was successful and we were able to pull ourselves away (and Jace from the Thomas train table) without too much damage! :) On our way home we decided to stop by my aunt and uncle's house to see pictures of their grandbaby - their first grandbaby - who is visiting with her momma from North Dakota for a bit. Unfortunately we weren't able to see Maegan and Emmalyn but we will get to see them on Saturday. Jace played hard with Uncle Joel, Clay and their puppy, Molly and I had a nice visit with Aunt Kai and Rachel.

On the way home to drop Nanny off, I got a text from my mom saying she and Dad were meeting up stay with me aunt's sister, husband and her daugther. Hey, I've grown up in a very different way than most people - I know all of my cousin's extended families and have been around them my entire life and I love it! We visited with them for a bit and then I finally headed home to get my very sleepy little boy ready for bath and bedtime.

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  1. As I read this I am so thankful for MY mom and the family values she instilled in me.
    Thanks for posting - this was a beautiful reminder of how blessed I am!