Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Haircut??? I don't think so!

I have a little boy who happens to be a pretty child and has very pretty hair. I'm talking the type of hair that is golden blonde, naturally parts on the side and has little ringlets and waves in the back. He also happens to get called a "girl" every day by random strangers. It usually goes something like this:

Random Stranger (usually someone working at the drugstore, restaurant, etc.): Oh, she's soooo pretty!

Me: Thank you. Jace, can you say "thank you"?

Jace: *signs "thank you"*

Random Stranger: Can she have a balloon?

Me: Yes, HE can. Jace, would you like a balloon?

Random Stranger (STILL not getting the subtle clues given by myself that "she" is actually a "he": What color would she like?

Me: Well, pretty much anything but pink since "she's" a boy! (With nice, friendly smile on my face and sort of laughing so random stranger doesn't feel so bad for calling my son a girl.)

Random Stranger: OH I'M SOOO SORRY...he's just SOOO pretty! I didn't realize he was a boy!

Me: That's OK, we're used to it at this point. It's happened ever since he was born.

So that's a normal day in our life. I am starting to think that maybe it has something to do with my son's long hair, but honestly, it has happend his entire life and up until this last spring/summer, he was pretty bald! I dress him in what *I* think are fairly obvious boy clothes...ok, so it's not usually planes, trains and automobiles or soccer and basketballs, but it's definitely NOT girly stuff! I can't figure this out!

My other question is this: When did it become fashionable or even *expected* for little boys to get that "little boy haircut"? Is it so wrong of me (and my husband) to not want to cut his hair? I didn't realize this decision would catch so much flak from some many people. I get the comments quite often, lately, like "Oh, are we going to take Jace for his first haircut soon??" or "Jace, you need to tell Mommy that you are ready for a little trim"...you know, stuff like that. I really dislike that passive-aggressive approach. I want to say to people, "You had your chance to raise your children, now may I have mine??". What is so wrong with me wanting to keep his hair long?