Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eating Strike

I don't want to sound like one of those people who are constantly complaining but I cannot take it anymore...I have a child that doesn't eat. I don't mean that he's just picky, I mean he has days that he really doesn't eat much more that a couple handfuls of Cheerios! This is not a new development, either...this has gone on for almost a year!!! I have tried every trick in the book from "sneaking" food into what he WILL eat to just giving in and letting him eat junk by justifying it by telling myself that at least he's getting calories (howbeit, empty ones).

I did so good for the first year of his life...he was breastfed until 14 months (I would have nursed longer but he chose not to), I made all his baby food (and when I gave him store bought, it was all organic) and was a stickler for monitoring the ages at introducing new foods. Right around the time he went on strike from nursing is also when he gave up eating. Oh there are a few select foods that he will occasionally chose to partake of but that usually turns into a battle because I make him what I KNOW he likes and he still refuses to eat.

Tonight he decided he didn't want to eat anything we offered him until I pulled out a yogurt. He gobbled that up. I could tell he would eat more but I didn't have another individual serving. I did have a whole tub of vanilla, though. I know from previous experiences that he usually will refuse this kind (especially when it's in a regular bowl or if he sees me try to "trick" him and put the regular kind into the old one's container). I cut up, cooked and pureed a pear to add (while he was distracted), stirred that in and sat down to give it to him. He INSTANTLY refused after barely letting the spoon touch his lips. Jay suggested I throw some blueberries in (since this is on of the few foods he rarely will turn down) and again...refusal! I wanted to SCREAM!!! If this was just a phase or if he was not feeling well or something like that I could understand...but this has been going on for-ev-er!!! I have seriously exasperated every trick, tip, ruse and gimmick and so far nothing has worked. The only thing that has semi-worked has been pureeing veggies (like carrots, squash or cauliflower) into his mac and cheese but the poor kid obviously won't eat mac and cheese every day so that only works once in a while.

Proper nutrition is important to me. Ok, let's try that sentence again (LOL)...Proper nutrition FOR HIM is important to me - I am still working on applying the same standard to my life and it's not easy. I have battled weight and food issues for as long as I can remember and I just don't want my child to go down that same road. So often I fear that he is doing permanent damage to his young self by this self-induced food aversion. I scheduled his 2 year check-up for next week and will talk to the doctor about this and see what she has to say (though I'm very doubtful that it will be anything different that what I know and have heard for the last year). I'm not one of those moms that rush to the doctor for every little thing (he hasn't been in since he was sick a year ago because despite this issue, he is actually a very healthy little boy) but I just don't have any other options at this point.

So here it is, almost 9 o'clock at night and all my boy has eaten today was some Cheerios, blueberries, a Nutri-grain bar and a yogurt! Wish us luck in overcoming this!!! :)


  1. Oh goodness, I am scared that Emmalyn will be like Jake! Jake can eat ALL day.. With me I can eat (non pregnant) once or twice a day and just be happy.. Even know I can do it but I KNOW I have to eat lol.

    Good luck with him, maybe if I show him his Security Force teddy he'll eat ;] lol.

  2. Hang in there mommy - big hugs and kisses to you - this has been so very challenging and I am proud of you for NOT giving up :) It makes me sad that you have been experiencing this for so very long :(

  3. I know how you feel, but with differnt food issues. I know its so stressful, whenever i think of Caleb I just remember he is still over all healthy, beautiful and bright!Just like little man jace! This soon shall pass and than there will be more issues1:) Love u Ypur an awsome mommy!

  4. Try not to sweat it. There have been days when my young ones will only eat two things. My youngest gets hung up on yoghurt and cheese. Talk about dairy overload. But I've found that when I don't fight him and just let him figure out that those two things get boring after a few days, he'll move on. I'm sure your punkin will, too! HUGS!

    ~Shaye @ Miller Memories

  5. Thank you, everyone, for all the encouragement!!! :)