Thursday, October 8, 2009 favorite time of year!

Ahh, fall is here! Ok, so it's been here for a few weeks, but I'm just now writing about it. :)

There's no comparison to fall...the beautiful leaves on the tree (and the ground), the cool, crisp air, apple cider and donuts, pumpkin ANYTHING and my personal favorite...Halloween! I love Halloween. In fact, I simply ADORE it...costumes, trick or treating, decorating the house - what more could you want??? One of my best friends has always joked that my favorite part is being able to wear fake eyelashes and fishnets! Truth be told, she's probably right; I love the big make-up and fake eyelashes. I secretly wish I was daring enough to be one of those women who always has big make-up and even bigger hair. I've always thought it was such a fun opportunity to get to be someone or something else for a night.

Ever since I was little, I have loved playing "dress-up". I could put on my petti-coat, some pink tights, a bunch of bracelets and Mom's high heals and I was instantly transformed into one of The Bangles, Barbie or even my own version of my mom! (No, she didn't REALLY look like that in the '80's but in my 5 year old mind, she did!)

I have realized, lately, that I have inadvertently passed this world of make-believe on to my son (who is not even 2, mind you). This should have dawned on me a little earlier when he starting using his blanket as a "cape", but I just thought he was being silly. My second glimpse into his world came a few weeks ago when we came across his Halloween costume from last year. I pulled it out of the box and he squealed in delight! He wanted me to put it on him right away and didn't take it off for TWO DAYS! Fast forward to today...we were getting ready to run some errands and I quickly opened the package we received with his new costume in it. I wanted to try it on him *real quick* just see how it looked and if it fit. Big mistake! He still had his glow-in-the-dark skeleton p.j.'s on and I knew I had to get him dressed before we left but I figured "What the heck" and went for it. I put his little costume on and it looked ADORABLE and he knew it!!! (Of course I had to snap a few pics!) Needless to say, he didn't want to take it off. So, that's how we left the house. I loaded up Baby Bear (Halloween p.j.'s and all) and off we went!

I'm sure one day when he hears these stories he won't think it was too funny that I let him out in public like that, but I DO know that today he had one of the best days ever! His behavior was tantrums, no crying, nothing! I'm thinking that we may start having more dress-up days - Halloween or not!!! :)


  1. I love it!!! So proud of my girl and her boy - makes my heart happy to know that what some people think silly, brings such joy to you and Jace. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me of the happy times we had together. Continue to take advantage of moments such as these - they are memories in the making!!!

    Love you more than my words can express.

  2. So sweet! You sound just like my daughter. And if you visit her, you'll see many more similarities. She's on my sidebar.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today. ♥

  3. Never mind! I just saw that you already follow her! She is pretty amazing, to say the least! ♥